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Update data via Power BI REST Api

Power BI Rest API enables you to insert new data in a data table or delete the whole data. But you are not able to delete a row or update an existing row, as far as I know. I want to update existing rows in my data table via Power BI REST API.

I posted this question on stackoverflow: Real time dashboards in Power BI

And I received an answer there. I tried it out, but it does not work (as I have written it in the comment there). It just creates new data rows and does not update existing one. Unfortunately I am not receiving any answer from the author there.

Has anyone a solution for this or has successfully tried out the proposed solution which the author is recommending in stackoverflow?


Moderator Eric_Zhang

Re: Update data via Power BI REST Api


There's no update row API in the official documentation row operation, only add and delete. You can vote the idea Update rows Rest API up. As a workaround, maybe at first delete all rows and then add updated rows.