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Union Nested Tables in Custom Connector

Hi Folks, I've created a custom connector which pulls data over a REST API. Let's say the API exposes two endpoints, Departments and Events, where there are 10 departments and 100 million events per department. As an end user of the connector, I will only be interested in perhaps three of the 10 departments' events so I would rather not import a billion events just to post filter them. The Events endpoint does permit filtering by Department.


I'm using a nested navigation table to allow selection of the desired Departments' Events data, and while this achieves the goal of limiting the data retrieved, I'm left with one Event table per Department. Is it possible for the connector to union these nested tables into a single Events table? Sure, the user can easily do that using the PQ Editor, but I'd love to make it even easier for them. Likewise, I'd like to provide the filtered list of Departments from their previous (navigation) selections. Easy to do in PQ using references and joins, but I'm stumped how to achieve this entirely within the connector (if it's even possible).