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Subset my data frame in power bi

Hi all,


I am trying to implement a custom plot in PBI, which runs 100% without issues in R on my machine, and am running into a lot of isses. I've originally created a data table for the data in R, but have exported it out as a csv file for PBI. My questions:


1) Is there a way for me to run my original data.table() script to make the data table in PBI? When I try that in the R script editor, I get the following error: "No image was created. The R code didn't reseult in the creation of any visuals. Make sure your R script results in a plot to the R default device."


This seems to imply that I need to go with my original approach of using the csv file?


2) I need to subset my data frame to make one layer at a time in ggplot2. In R this works, but when I run my R script in PBI I get errors. As an example, the code below works:


ggplot() +
   geom_line(aes(x = my_date, y = value, lty = variable),
                     col = 'lightblue',
                       size = 1.0,
                      data = dataset)


But when I add a subset to the data frame it doesn't work any more!


ggplot() +
   geom_line(aes(x = my_date, y = value, lty = variable),
                     col = 'lightblue',
                       size = 1.0,
                      data = dataset[variable == "Plan"])


Here "Plan" is one level of my factor 'variable' (variable is the name of the column). I get an error as follows: "Error in '[.data.frame'[dataset, variable == "Plan"): object variable not found . Calls geom_line -> layer ->fortify -> [-> [data.frame...execution halted.


Can anyone provide some insight?



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