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matemusic Regular Visitor
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Statistic data at the end of matrix



is there any way to get statistical values at the end rows of matrix table? For example, i have matrix with dimensions in rows and at the end of these values i want to get additional options for statistical values.


Like at the picture:

statistic problem.png


Maybe there is a way to show measurements as dimensions?


I tried with "if" function. It worked but it is to complex for bigger data.


I looked up for custom visuals, but there is no visualisation, that could do that. 


Maybe there is another way or existing visual?

SabineOussi Established Member
Established Member

Re: Statistic data at the end of matrix



You can put your min, max, sum, avg, sd, ... in a separate card visual, modify its title and formatting and display it at the end of your matrix.


As far as I know, there is no summary table.


I'm curious to know how you did it with an IF condition and append it to the table?

SabineOussi Established Member
Established Member

Re: Statistic data at the end of matrix

matemusic Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Statistic data at the end of matrix

Sorry for late response 🙂


For summary with if function i had to create a new table with coppied dimensions in first column, (lets call it simple "Table").


I that column i coppied dimensions from original table in first columne "Category" (for example dimensions 1 to 5)  and added two additional dimensions (Dimension 6: Sum; Dimension 7: Average ).


In the second column ("Values") I writed values:

  • 0 for dimensions 1 to 5
  • 1 for dimension Sum
  • 2 for dimension Average.


Then I connected new table to table with original dimensions.


Then I created formula 3 formulas,

  • one for calculation i wanted in Matrix. Name of formula = [Calculation]
  • one for Sum. Name of formula = [Sum]
  • one for Average. Name of formula = [Average]

The last formula was with IF:



In Power BI then I created matrix visualisation with categories from created table (With name "Table" :)) and with IF formula.


I am not sure if this formula is perfectly correct, but i hope you get the idea. This way of using IF also works for calculating values between rows. However, it has many problems:


  • It is to complicate, it takes too much time
  • It works pretty good in Power Pivot, but in Power BI, does not work always (maybe bugs?)
    • For example, in Power BI it works only if i don't sort data in tables.



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