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Stacked Bar Axis Already Sorted - How to Sort Categories?



I was able to sort my data with Month-Year labels, but I want to do a further sort for the actual categories in the legend (so the yellow category, which is a proprietary service starting with a V, comes after consulting). Any ideas? Thanks in advance!



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Re: Stacked Bar Axis Already Sorted - How to Sort Categories?

Hi there,


You should be able to manage this using the sort by column features. For example, you could add a conditional column in your query (or a column in the data model using, say, a SWITCH statement) that assigns a value as follows:


  1. Consulting
  2. Your Proprietary Service
  3. Mix
  4. Unknown

If you then select your [Deal Type] column and change its sort by column to the conditional column you added in your query (or in the model), the legend and chart composition should respect this. You just need to make sure that your sort by values are unique for each distinct value in your [Deal Type] column.


Good luck!