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Setting language and locale for embedded report

We are using the Javascript API to embed reports in our web app.  We need to control the report language and locale settings for our users based on settings in our app.  In the example below, we are trying to set the language to Portuguese "pt" and the locale to Portuguese-Brasil "pt-BR".  We are defining the localeSettings (as described here and can see our settings returned in the embed object (see below) but the settings are not being picked up by the report.


2019-01-22 19_51_56-SiiLA.png


Can anyone offer a suggestion here?





Accepted Solutions
Resolver I
Resolver I

We were able to make this work by directly adding &language and &formatlocale parameters to the embed URL.  

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Resolver I
Resolver I

We were able to make this work by directly adding &language and &formatlocale parameters to the embed URL.  

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Just curious because I have kind of the same challenge as you did.

I would like to create some PBI-embedded report where the users should be able to choose which language, they want to display the reports in.

We have created translations in SSAS and would like to use these translations depending on which language they choose in Power Bi embedded.

With your experience do you think this would be possible?
Thanks in advance
Best regards

Hi Brian,

Yes this is definitely possible but you will need multiple versions of your report (one for each language).  Each report can be created to use the appropriate data translations from SSAS, but the dimension and measure names have to be set directly in the report for each language so they appear correctly in column headings etc. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions.




Hi jon many thanks for your response.


But shouldn’t you be able  in SSAS to let’s say create a new measure called “VAR, English name” and then in your translation file (json file) translate this to e.g. “VAR, another language”. If you then in you embedded can pass some sort of language parameter, so that the embedded report then either will show you the “VAR, English name” or “VAR, another language” depending of the value in the parameter?
But anyway, we have done some testing in the PBI service, and it doesn’t seem to handle different language correctly.


Again thanks for your answer.

Best regards


I managed to pass language and formatLocale in the embedURL and it works nicely. Though, it is not translating my calendar table - have you had any success with this if you even tried it?

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