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Salesforce Current Data & Excel Historical Data in One Component



     Is there a way to have 2 data sources in one component? 1st: Excel File, and 2nd: Current Salesforce data brought in using the API. 


The Objective: I need to build a reporting component showing Revenues from Previous Year vs Current Revenue (pulled directly from Salesforce). This component would seemingly combine the use of an Excel File (containing Salesforce Historical Data) and Current Data from Salesforce, basically creating 2 sources for 1 component. 



9/1/2019 & Current Date would be two of the axis to report on. 


What I've tried:

  1. Connect to Salesforce with Power BI: Majority of components in my dashboard are connected directly to a Salesforce Report. However, Salesforce is current data only and has no options for reporting historically. 
  2. Using CSV plus append in Power BI- I currently am making this component work by using only an excel as the data source, and manually updating it when necessary. This has created a situation where I have reporting due on a specific date, and am unable to take time off during that time. I am looking to automate this process. 



Possible Alternative:

It's my understanding that in order for something like this to work, we'd have to create a database combining the historical data and the API to bring in current Salesforce data. I am not a database administrator so I have no idea how to do this or if this is even possible. 


Thank you!


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