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Run Data Gateway from container

Currently my company has a data gateway installed on a physical server on-prem. This server is being decommissioned and I need to run the datagateway from Azure where we have the VPNs configured and access to the on-prem servers. I know I could spin a VM and install the gateway there but this isn't cost-effective as that VM would need to be up and running 24x7 only to serve the gateway. I think it's best to prepare a container image with the gateway (or an empty windows image that installs and configures the gateway on load) but I don't have a clue where to start.


How can I spin a container to serve the data gateway? Or is there another way to access on-prem sql servers from the power bi platform?


Indeed, which brings me back to the original question, is there a way to run the data gateway in a container to have it running 24x7 in a cost-effective way?


Only one way to find out - the VPN will be the critical piece of the puzzle.  I don't think the container needs to be joined to your AD domain but the user logging into the gateway management app needs to successfully authenticate against your company's AD.


Our AD is also hosted on Azure and we already have service accounts for the application in question that we can use for authentication.


I am not sure a service account will cut it.  I am not talking about the account the gateway service runs under, I am talking about the gateway config user.







@lbendlin I see what you mean now, and is there any way to manage the gateway from powershell?

yes, you can use PS5 with OnPremisesDataGatewayHAMgmt cmdlets, PS6.4+ with DataGateway cmdlets, or plain old Invoke-RestMethod calls for manual API wrangling.


Not sure if any of these allow you to set a gateway up from scratch though.


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Hi everyone
I'm facing the same problem as @PedroC88 of trying to set up a gateway in a container, to let powerBI refresh properly, but without the use of a VM.
So I was wondering if any solutions were found in the end.
What I'm interested in is if it's really possible install the gateway in a container and how I can achieve this.
If someone could help a newbie, it would be very appreciated.

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