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Motsols Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Roles with Power BI embedded

Hello all, I'm a new member and first time poster on this forum.


I am creating a internationalized embedded Power BI report and as part of this I will be using one role for each language that act like this

EnglishRole: [Language] = "English"

SwedishRole: [Language] = "Swedish"


The problem is that when embedding, we already use a role for RLS.  When adding one of these new roles none of them work.


The C# code for creating the embed token has this:

var identities = new List<EffectiveIdentity>
    new EffectiveIdentity
            Username = siteId.ToString(),
            Roles = new List<string> { "CurrentSite", "SwedishRole" },
            Datasets = new List<string> { report.DatasetId }

What I've added is the hardcoded "SwedishRole" to the Roles list for testing purpose. After doing that, it doesn't work plus CurrentSite role also stops working with this change.


I have tried putting information in the CustomData element but that was always blank when I wanted to use it in the embedded Power BI report so I have to solve it using one role per language.


Is this a bug or am I using roles the wrong way?



Accoring to the docs this should be possible