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Report theme not sticking; possible through editing .pbix contents?

I am trying to apply a new theme to old reports. The new theme handles colors, text sizes, background colors. Applying It seems to be a recurring problem, yet I can't find a suitable solution.


The documentation states that report themes won't stick to your reports if the visual was edited manually. This does seem to be my issue. The solution seems to be, revert all visuals to default so the new theme can stick. This is nearly just as much work as changing the visuals myself (I haven't found a revert all to default button).


My question is where the information is stored that the visual was edited manually. Surely by removing/editing this information in my .pbix file, I could revert the manually edited visuals to their default state so that my theme can stick.


After extracting the contents of my .pbix file, this is the contents tree:

  • Report
    • StaticResources
      • RegisteredResources
        • image
      • SharedResources
        • BaseThemes
          • CY18su07.json
    • Layout
    • LinguisticSchema

* Folders & Files


CY18su07.json in StaticResources\SharedResources\BaseThemes\ does not have much information at all on the formatting of the document...


I hope you can find a suitable solution for me, it would save a lot of time.






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