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Report refresh query - Implementing-testconnection-for-gateway-support

Dear Forum Members,

I have created a custom data connector which uses a REST service to authenticate user and based on user access on certain database(s) (table, columns, data) user(s) can view the report, I have published this report using PowerBI, I can see the published report with the dataset. Initially refreshing was an issue but I managed to resolve using the below link:

<A href="" target="_blank"></...>

Question here is - I have designed the report with the view that authorised report user (finance/sales/operations) will be using it and based on the user credential data will be fetched - suppose he is only allowed to see "A", "B" and "D" but not "C" whereas the same report when open by the another user he will be able to only see "C" - Based on windows user. Customer connector takes the windows user credentials and then bring the data which user has access to. This scenario works fine for a developer/admin perspective but once report is published this will not work - custom connector dataset gets refreshed by the admin/scheduled jobs which will bring the data as per admin/developer access but the user who is refreshing the report will only see the data changes but user access level will not be controlled using this architecture?


Finance report users - allowed to see certain accounts so when they run the report - they can only view their allowed data.

Sales report users - allowed to see certain accounts so when they run the report - they can only view their allowed data

Summarising my question - Intention was to create a data connector which will fetch the data out based on the user access level and permissions which we define using custom authentication, it seems like only admin can refresh the report so there is no point of authenticating users as data will be fetched or refreshed based on the connector which has admin or any developer credentials.

I can only see you need another layer within Power BI to filter the data as per the user, is this correct?

Please kindly advise.


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