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Report ExportTo PDF limits - 429 response

We have a dedicated Azure capacity (A1) and using REST API to ExportTo PDF, approx 20 pdfs with 3/4 pages in each report. We are receiving a 429 'too many pending requests' response, after about 15 reports. This seems to clear exactly an hour after 1st request. Please can someone confirm which limit we are hitting? The documentation online isn’t clear. 


From this article I have a feeling it could be this:

For public preview, the number of Power BI report pages exported per hour is limited to 50 per capacity.

but the message in the 429 response is 'too many pending requests'. After one hour has elapsed, the first requests made have completed so aren't 'pending'.


We are already delaying 5 seconds between requests and when the first 429 response is received, waiting 5 minutes before retrying. After 1 hour, the remaining 5 reports get exported.


Are there any other limits that could be getting hit?

Is the ExportTo functionality still in public preview?

Are there plans to increase the limit after public preview?


We plan on adding even more reports





New Member

Following, have a lot more exports need to be done ASAP. Please let me know if you find an answer. 

We are getting throttled in a similiar way. After about 12 exports, we are hitting a 429. Waiting 30 seconds between requests and waiting 10 minutes to retry after 429. 


Hi @AlexCambridgeUK and @dchen,


For your PDF printing requirement, do take a look at BI Helper, an independent tool to automate the generation of  PDF / PPTX reports from Power BI (Pro and Premium), with Excel export of matrix and table visuals. 

With BI Helper, you can select report pages to print, generate multi-page PDF / PPTX reports with slicers and filters applied, and email them to your users. BI Helper has an option to include matrix and table visuals as Excel files, and lots of other advanced features. 

BI Helper is simple to configure and use with your reports and dashboards. It is secure and scalable (hosted on AWS) and offers you a 14 day free trial. Do test it and let me know if it works for you. 


Kiran Hosakote

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