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ypradeep23 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Register an Application for Power BI - Need more details

Looking for the way to integrate Power BI report with web app, developed in ASP.NET. As I know, there are few options for it...


0. Share Dashboard and share Report URL

1. Publish to Web


3. Power BI Enbedded 


Here are pros & cons each option....


  • Option#0: This is option okay... but we has to come to Power BI Web UI to see report. This is not better option from User Experiance perspective.
  • Option#1: Publish to web...It won't have Authentication ; so can't go for it.
  • Option#2: Not yet implemented, but seems better option, if we can register app for Power BI in AAD ( Having few issue in registering apps.
    • When I try to do here ( nothing is happening with click on "Sign in with you existing account" button. Not able to proceed further. Its not showing any error
    • Questions
      • Can anyone detail more on "how to register app for Power BI in AAD"?
      • As it deals with AAD... does it involve any cost?
  • Option#3Power BI Enbedded, involves $, so can't go for it.


Appriciate any help on these above questions for option#2:


Thank you



Moderator Eric_Zhang

Re: Register an Application for Power BI - Need more details


What the account you logged-in? I can login and register an app without problem. It doesn't need cost, as I registered a test Power BI account for free and can call the REST APIs with no problem.


By the way, Using REST API with a free license has the limitation comparing to Pro license.


AyusmanBasu Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Register an Application for Power BI -ClientID dependency on Password

Hi all,

I have a question with respect to the ClientID bein generated.


We have been using a service account that's the user for mutiple dashboards.


We did register as an App and got a ClientId generated through the portal:


Now this particular service account got it's password changed in the Azure Key Vault.


Does that mean we need to re-generate the ClinetId again for that particular Service Account?


Thanks in advance