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R Visual Timed Out in Power BI Service

I have a very basic R script to create a visual in PBI using ggplot2. It runs fine in Desktop but when I publish it to Service, it times out. I know the script times out after 60 seconds but is there a way to optimize the script so it runs faster?  There are only about 100,000 rows in the dataset as well. 


dataset$Date <- format(as.Date(dataset$Date), "%m/%d/%y")
dataset$Attribute <- factor(dataset$Attribute, levels=c("Booked", "Approved"))
ggplot(dataset, aes(x = Attribute, y = Value, fill = Task.Type )) +
geom_bar(stat = "identity") +
facet_grid(~ Date) +
xlab("Booked/Approved") + ylab("Hours") +
theme(legend.position = "top") +
geom_text(data=subset(dataset, Value != 0), aes(label = Value), position = position_stack(vjust = 0.5))

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