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dpc_development Regular Visitor
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Python in Power BI - Set background colour for matplotlib box plot

I am plotting a box plot using Python in Power BI. I have set the background colour of the Power BI report page to yellow and am trying to set the background colour of the python visual. I have the following code currently.


matplotlib.rc('axes', facecolor = 'red')
dataset.boxplot(column='daily_return', by='name', grid=False, figsize=(15,4))

The above code results in the following picture... 


As can be seen, there is still some white space. How do I get that to be red, which I will eventually change to my Power BI background colour. 


If I can make the background transparent though, that'd be best.


I even tried the following to no avail.


fig = matplotlib.pyplot.figure()
lvcoffman New Member
New Member

Re: Python in Power BI - Set background colour for matplotlib box plot

I'm having the exact same issue!  I am putting together a demo for my team, and I would like to make the "sky" blue, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn the white boarder blue (or transparent as OP stated.)

Rainbow - Power BI Desktop.png

I have tried setting the figure facecolor and edgecolor to blue:



fig1 = plt.figure(1,facecolor='#7ec0ee', edgecolor='#7ec0ee')  <- This did nothing

ax = fig1.add_subplot(1,1,1)

ax.set_facecolor('#7ec0ee') <- this worked



These seem to work in Spyder, but when I put the visual into Power BI the white boarder appears.


2Spyder - Rainbow.png