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Publish App via REST API

We are running a potentially large number of individual reports (individualised via Parameters) that are made available to users as Apps. Basically, the reports are identical but the data content and some details are individual per workspace/app.


Our current workflow is like this:

  1. Develop / Update Reports etc. in PBI Desktop
  2. Save under a common Name, e.g. "Reports.pbix" with all Parameters set to empty
  3. Import this "generic" pbix file into all PBI Workspaces via REST API
  4. Update/Individualise Parameters per Workspace via REST API
  5. Trigger data load into the newly imported dataset via REST API


Now, whats missing is a way to actually publish the updated app to the users. We always have to go manually via the web interface and click "Publish App" for each and every workspace.


We have tried to imitate the web interface json requests via scripting, but had no luck with this so far.


Is there any workaround or undocumented API for this?


Any idea or help is highly appreciated. Thank you!


Thanks for the good idea.

But I am afraid currently it is not available for Power BI Embedded API to publish the App created in Power BI Service.

Take a look at what could be done through the Power BI Embedded through the article below:


Besides, if you would like Power BI Embedded to be able to update App through API, then please rise it as an idea:





Michael, thank you for the clarification!


There is actually already an idea that is pretty much identical listed here:


For the meantime, do you have any idea on how to handle this? We are speaking about >100 Apps, with updates and enhancements coming in every 2-3 weeks for the comming months. So doing the "publish" step manually really does not sound like an option.


Does maybe anyone know about some resources regarding scripting the PBI web UI? Think Greasemonkey, iMacros or similar.


@ralf_hein Did you ever find a solution to this? We're looking to do the same. 


We have automated this via Selenium (see sripts for now. Works ok, we only have to do minor adjustments everytime MS changes the pbi web interface. This basically is screen scraping it and clicking the links to publish the apps.

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We are also planning to automate the reports deployment. So could you please share some source how did you do this?

Have you used Java to call PBI rest services? Also used any batch automation to run this deployment?

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