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Property pane not working with databound objects (also in SunBurst Visual)

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to get databound objects for series coloring on my custom visual (API@2.6), but don't know how. I read through some of the tutorials/documentation but most of this seems to be deprecated and for old APIs.


Also while working my way through the sunburst visual to see how it should be done, I noticed that some changes might have affected the sunburst too, because when I clone the sunburst and run it through the development visuals it is bugged:

- When first initialized the property pane works just fine and a color picker for each category is loaded

- However when clicking just once on the "fields" pane and then back to "format", no properties are shown and an error is given.


My (naive and beginner's) guess is that something changed in the utils what causes this bug. It seems to be connected to the selector in VisualObjectInstanceEnumerationObject. When I set the selector to "" the properties are shown (however of course not working correctly).


- Is anyone able to replicate the issue and

- Can someone point me to a working fiddle/visuals/tutorial that helps me set this up with the new API?


Thank you!

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