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Problems with Kendo in custom visual with api version 2.x

I was able to get kendo grids and charts working inside a custom visual by following this approach


I then upgraded Kendo to 2019.r1.  This still works with version 1.7.0 of custom visuals api. 


However when upgrading using pbiviz update 2.3.0 (or 2.5.0) Kendo stops loading.  Has anyone gotten kendo working with kendo.all.min.js in these versions of API?


First issue found is solved by removing the hack (required in older version) from window.js which adds devicePixelRatio and innerWidth like so 

Object.defineProperties(window, {

   'devicePixelRatio': {
       get: function () {
           return window.window.devicePixelRatio;
    'innerWidth': {
        get: function () {
            return window.window.innerWidth;


However after removing that Kendo cannot initialize and fails with 
   VM1528:formatted:116772 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'util' of undefined
After some troubleshooting I could trace a line inside kendo that calls 
  this.kendo.util = this.kendo.util || {},
but this.kendo is undefined.
this = window with name "visual-sandbox"
here is screenhot of it at that break point in chrome debugger

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