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Print and/or export to PDF from PowerBI Embedded Report

Gentemen, we asked out partners about this in early 2017.  The answer was end of the year or maybe first quarter for the export to pdf feature.  We only have one basic workaroud by using window.print(), and insturcting our enterprise users to then print to pdf, which requires clicks and local pdf executables.  It isn't a solution we want to present.  


Does anyone have any news or an update form the engineering team?  Can someone that monitors this board please respond and/or reach out to Microsoft engineering team and ask for an update and reply here?  It is becoming a moderate to serious concern for a customer of ours planning significant launches in the near future.


Nimrod from the PowerBI team seems to be active on other PowerBI Embedded issues.  Maybe reach out to him?


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Print and/or export to PDF from PowerBI Embedded Report

As far as I'm aware there is no functionality available which to me seems a hole in the eco-system seeing as the desktop has export to PDF, cloud service has export to PowerPoint, embedded has nothing.