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angeljimenez Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

PowerPoint Add-In

Hi everybody, I'm developing an add in for power point with App owns data embedding, but when I try to show the report, it holds on the loading screen, I have not idea because in a normal web page it works perfect.


This is the report configuration.

var report = data[0];
                var config = {
                    type: 'report',
                    tokenType: models.TokenType.Embed,
                    accessToken: report.accessToken,
                    embedUrl: report.embedUrl,
                    permissions: models.Permissions.All,
                var reportContainer = document.getElementById('reportContainer');
                var report = powerbi.embed(reportContainer, config);

This is my add in screen

Captura de pantalla (1).png


This is my Angular app screen, it loads the report.

Captura de pantalla (2).png