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kobaldm Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

PowerBiNodeSDK (1.0) - setAllConnections ---Error: Required 'connectionString' property is missing

It is quite clear and simple to create a client


var credentials = new msrest.TokenCredentials('cAY0b0dCSSbg0oL3nHcgMScnrB...lw==', 'AppKey');
var client = new powerbi.PowerBIClient(credentials);

To trigger the setAllConnection function



client.datasets.setAllConnections('pow....','112ef...','a1baf74f...',mparameters,function (err, result, request, response) {
console.log(err );});

Sadly i can't generate the 4. parameter ('mparameters')


var mparameters = {theMissungKey: {"connectionString": "data;initial ....

I have no Clue what the name of the first Key "theMissingKey" could be.

I always get this error message

Error: Required 'connectionString' property is missing or misspelled


Any ideas ?


Thank you michael