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PowerBI REST API - Update datasource with credentialType 'Azure Active Directory - Password'

Hi all,

Currently, I'm looking for a solution how to update datasource crenditials with 'Azure Active Directory - Password' via PowerBI REST API. Great help comes already from the documentation page:

I've managed to update datasource credentials with credentialType 'Basic' with the following working code:


string username = "UserName"
string password = "Secret101"

string credentials = $"{{\"credentialData\":[{{\"name\":\"username\", \"value\":{JsonConvert.SerializeObject(username)}}},{{\"name\":\"password\", \"value\":{JsonConvert.SerializeObject(password)}}}]}}";
CredentialDetails credentialDetails = new CredentialDetails(credentialType: "Basic", credentials: credentials, encryptedConnection: "Encrypted", encryptionAlgorithm: "None", privacyLevel: "None");
UpdateDatasourceRequest updateDatasourceRequest = new UpdateDatasourceRequest(credentialDetails);

client.Gateways.UpdateDatasource(gatewayDatasource.GatewayId, gatewayDatasource.Id, updateDatasourceRequest);


But now I want to use 'Azure Active Directory - Password' as authentication as in SSMS (see screenshot below).  What credentialType do I have to use for example?







Thanks in advance!


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