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Berty Frequent Visitor
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PowerBI Embedded: REST API vs Nuget Package for mvc

Which set of APIs is recommended to use to develop for Power BI Emedded for The two APIs I'm referencing two are the PowerBI Embedded REST operations, and the Microsoft.PowerBI.Api.V1 nuget package.


My concern is that while the nuget packages are for applications, the documentation is incomplete. Especially for posting datasets, I can't make heads or tails as to how my dataset and customHeader should be structured, and how I can retrieve my dataset id. Where as for the REST APIs, the post dataset documentation is much better. 



Moderator Eric_Zhang

Re: PowerBI Embedded: REST API vs Nuget Package for mvc


It will all depends on your application. For the Nuget Package will be good. REST API prodives more flexibility when developing in other language.