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PowerBI Dashbords with querystring filters?

I am a developer and  with good bakground on Azure IoT, I read an article about how to integrate Stream Analytics with Power BI to show real time charts coming from an IoT Device..


The tutorial is easy and works as a charm.}


However I have the following scenario:

We have temperature sensors in our customers, and we have a custom application with a custom developed dashboard, the  dashboard shows the last temperature for each device the clients have, so one customer can have 5 refrigerators, anther one 4 refrigerators. And when they log in , they see the dashboard only with their refrigerators.


I would like to do the same I did with custom code but with powerbi, so is there a way I can embed a POWERBI dashboard into each users dashboard, and to send the CURRENT USER as a parameter to the dashboard so that the dashbord only shows their info?



AFAIK, it is not possible right now. There's no Row Level Security(RLS) for the steaming analytics dataset. You can vote up this idea RLS for Stream Analytics dataset.


As a workaround, is a tile showing data of  a dataset in DirectQuery mode acceptable? You can save the sensors data in  azure sql database and set proper RLS in Power BI service. The tile would always show data up to date.


Is this possible today with Azure Cosmos DB/Blob Storage?

Thank you, but how can I embed the dashboard into my app and pass parameters to it ? like logged in user for example


Why parameters? Have your read  Row Level Security(RLS)?

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