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Resolver III
Resolver III

Power bi embebbed doubts

Hi everyone,


Our company is thinking about change the way we are deploying Power bi to our customers.


We have a software developed on business central on premise. As a functionality to this software we distribute Power bi. The way we are doing now is modeling data in Desktop reports and publish to pbi service using domain account of our customers.  As we get more customers, it takes more time to deploy It.


We are thinking to change the method to Power bi embebbed. The goal is not having one report per every customer, but only one for all customers. 


Does anyone know if is It possible taking in consideraron that data of every customer is placed on different servers?


Thanks in advance,




Frequent Visitor

Re: Power bi embebbed doubts


So, I also had a very complex solution, before Dynamic DataSet binding came along. With this, our backend PowerBI service manufactures up a dataset (push) on the fly, and returns this datasetId in the token along with the requested report template and workspace.

The front end (NG9 in our case), builds the report embed configuration that includes the "dynamic datasetId binding".


This makes it easier to have a single report template that can be populated with data at render-time.



   var configany = {
            type: PowerBIEntityType[type].toLowerCase(),
            tokenType: pbi.models.TokenType.Embed,
            accessToken: entityToken.Token,
            embedUrl: entityToken.Url,
            id: entityToken.EntityId,

            // Permissions and Mode...
            permissions: pbi.models.Permissions.All,
            viewMode: viewMode,

            // -----  Adjustment required for dynamic binding ---- //
            datasetBinding: {
                datasetId: entityToken.DatasetId




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