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Advocate II

Power BI embedded dynamic RLS vs manual uploads

Hi guys,


Let me be frank about it, I am not a developer. But I do want to find out how things work with Power BI, so I have some questions.


My company wants to create a portal in which we want to embed Power BI reports for our customers, using Power BI embedded EM1. We want to start with a few customers, but quickly go up to 100 customers.


We want to make 5 different standard reports for our 5 different customers. We are thinking about using dynamic RLS, so we only have to alter these 5 reports if there are updates from our side. However, we reckon that some customers have unique wishes for their reports. We think that around 20 reports will be custom reports.


I have a hard time in finding documentation (and I have insufficient technical knowledge) for the best way to implement this. A few questions:


1. Once we programmed the code for Power BI embedded in our portal, would it be possible to create custom reports and provide it to the relevant customer? Or do we need to program code for each (new) individual users?


2. When is dynamic RLS going to be available for EM1?


3. Is it hypothetically possible to create 100 different reports, and allocate it to the relevant users? Or is this not recommended?


4. Do you have some documention/tutorials about how to upload reports to power bi embedded?


Many thanks in advance!



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you need a place to store a pairing of report and user somewhere at first, of course only if you want to have X amount of reports for X amount of users. this way you are able a get all reports, standard and custom reports for each customer. this is something your portal application needs to handle, not power bi embedded.


1. you portal would manage your customers. you could give per default every customer standard reports so you dont have to worry about the "starting point" of each customer. But again: this is handled by your portal application.


2. information are not 100% clear but it seems to be available within the update this/next week.


3. of course it is possible. as long as your application manages it for every user. for the beginning you would rather start with standard reporting and RLS and then grow as you got more ressources.


4. you simply create your reports in power bi desktop and publish them to the power bi service or you make them on directly. As your report is online the power bi rest api can access it and create an embedded token for your usage.


As you can see most of the logic needs to be handled within your portal. hope i could help you, sorry for my mispelling 🙂




Some addition to @MeQT's.


3. For me, 100 reports are not recommended, because I think it is hard to maintain so many reports. You could create limited reports and as @MeQT mentioned, use RLS to control the user access.


4. Documentation and demo FYI. See Embedding with Power BI and Demo(App owns data).

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