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Power BI Rest API call from Postman



I am new to power BI and I have a requirement to reat power BI application. I have followed the below steps to acheive this.

1. Registred an web-application with all permissions

2. Created a security group in AAD and assigend to the application.

3. Created a wokspace in power BI and generated data set.

4. Set the access to the security group created.

5. In power PI tenant added allow service principals to access and assigned the security group.


I could succesfully create a token and when i pass it to the /dataset/{datasetid} end point it gives me a "ServicePrincipalIsNotAllowedByTenantAdminSwitch" error. 


what am i missing here. Thank you !

Super User
Super User

Exactly what it says in the error message - your Power BI Tenant Admin has disabled that option on the tenant level.

@lbendlin : Where exactly can I see the setting.


I have enabled allow service principal to use powerBI in the Developer settings.

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 8.34.42 AM.pngScreen Shot 2022-12-20 at 8.35.54 AM.png

Did you add your service principal to one of the two groups?

Yes . I did.


Do we need a premium license for API access? We have a Pro license currently.

There is no such thing as a Premium license.  You probably mean a Premium Capacity SKU. As far as I understand it , yes, you need to be on a Premium SKU and it needs to be integrated in your AD.

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