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Power BI Embedded how to save money on server

I already have some reports in PowerBI using my PowerBI Pro User account, but I don't want my customers to enter and login with other credentials, etc... because its a pain for them. So thats why i was thinking on PowerBI embedded but reading from other posts seems to be very expensive. Like the basic configuration 750 USD.


So I have the following question to know if this is possible in order to lower the cost to something affordable for us.


My scenario is the following:


Only 6 users for now are going to see dashbarods, 


Based on the pricing per hour for the PowerBI Embedded server A1, it cost $1.008 per hour.




  • If you have it full time it will be: $1.008 x 24 hours x 31 days = $750 USD a month.


But my users they don't need to see dashboards on weekend or at night, so they are just going to see them within a 8 hour frame every day and only weekdays.


  • From the above statement, this will be $1.008 x 8 hours x 20 days = $161 USD a month.


Is it possible to do this? Is it possible to control the uptime of the server for PowerBI Embedded?


Hope this is possible because its super expensive paying $750 USD a month.

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