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Pass Parameters as Column Name



Can you please help me with the below scenerio


Consider the below Table

V_New       I_new       D_NEW       A_NEW

1                    9              1                0

0                    1              0                9

1                    4              2                2


Now I wanted to create a Measure like this


We have a product slicer 

I_New to V_New

V_New to D_New


So when the user selects a value from this slicer I want calculate the attach rate 


So now the User selects I_New to V_New

now the measure should calculate 


var A = SUM(I_New),filter(TableName,V_New>0) 

var B = SUM(V_NEW),filter(TableName,V_New>0)

Retrun var A / var B


but if the User selects V_New to D_New


Its the same Formula but the filter condition should point to another column like this


var A = SUM(I_New),filter(TableName,D_New>0) 

var B = SUM(V_NEW),filter(TableName,D_New>0)

Retrun var A / var B


So the fiter selection is Dynamic based on the user selection. Unpivot the columns solution will not work 


Please help

Thanks in Advance