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Parsing a variable to filter dashboard in web embedded report



We have a report that we have published to and embeddable web dashboard.


The dashboard reports a series of scores for eachh of our clients business.  We have a filter box on the dashboard that allows us to select which client's results we want to see.


We want to be able to send our clients an url like this


Where brandname is the customers name and the dashboasrd then only shows the data for that client without having to create a dashboard for each client.  We are naticipating creating quite a few and want it o work on-the-fly.


We can do everyhting else we ant to do in javascript but we just can't access and manipulate the iFrame content via scripting.  Of course!  It's a security measure.  The iFrame needs to come from the same domain/origin for us to be able to manipulate it.


Is there anyway we can setup the embeddable dashboard to accept a filter variable?


Any help would be appreciated.





Helper I
Helper I

You should check out row level securty in the newest Version of PowerBi. This way you only need to create a correct token see this post

Resolver III
Resolver III

As noted, you could utilize RLS to facilitate this but it would take a bit more configuration (adding users to a table that mapped users to brand):


What you are likely looking for is passing a filter via URL.  In this case, brand would be in the filters pane, not a visible filter/slicer.  See this link and information here:


Filter a report

You can filter an embedded report using a URL syntax. To do this, you add a query string parameter to your iFrame src url with the filter specified. You can Filter by a value and Hide the Filter Pane.

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