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rishabhshukla12 Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

PBIWebAPP C# Refresh Token

Is there anyone who could tell me how to use the refresh token to get a new token. I am using PBIWebAPP dashboard code available on GitHub. I am a beginner in C# and don't know much about the how to use AuthenticationContext.AcquireTokenByRefreshToken.


The code I am using to generate the access token, which is getting expired in 1 hours. Can anyone help to put refresh token method so that I don't have to manually run this code again and again to get the new access token. Also, how can I extend the expiry time of the token?



protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
//Redirect uri must match the redirect_uri used when requesting Authorization code.
string redirectUri = String.Format("{0}Redirect", Properties.Settings.Default.RedirectUrl);
string authorityUri = Properties.Settings.Default.AADAuthorityUri;

// Get the auth code
string code = Request.Params.GetValues(0)[0];

// Get auth token from auth code
TokenCache TC = new TokenCache();

AuthenticationContext AC = new AuthenticationContext(authorityUri, TC);
ClientCredential cc = new ClientCredential

 AuthenticationResult AR = AC.AcquireTokenByAuthorizationCode(code, new Uri(redirectUri), cc);

//Set Session "authResult" index string to the AuthenticationResult
Session[_Default.authResultString] = AR;

//Redirect back to Default.aspx



Moderator Eric_Zhang

Re: PBIWebAPP C# Refresh Token


Regarding extend the liftertime of access token, it is an Azure AD question, to get a bettere response, I'd suggest your post in the dedicated AAD forum. Just for your reference, Configurable token lifetimes in Azure Active Directory (Public Preview).


As to how to get accesstoken with refresh token, you could reference below sample. It is for demo purpose, you don't have to get a new refreshtoken every time, the refreshtoken by default lives for 14 days, according to the above link.

Also, please note the the refreshtoken and AcquireTokenByRefreshToken seems no longer exposed in ADAL 3.0 or newer.  For further questions, please go to the AAD forum as well.



        public string GetAccessToken(string authorizationCode, string clientID, string clientSecret, string redirectUri)
            //Redirect uri must match the redirect_uri used when requesting Authorization code.
            //Note: If you use a redirect back to Default, as in this sample, you need to add a forward slash
            //such as http://localhost:13526/

            // Get auth token from auth code       
            TokenCache TC = new TokenCache();

            //Values are hard-coded for sample purposes
            string authority = Properties.Settings.Default.AADAuthorityUri;
            AuthenticationContext AC = new AuthenticationContext(authority, TC);
            ClientCredential cc = new ClientCredential(clientID, clientSecret);

            //Set token from authentication result

            string refreshtoken = AC.AcquireTokenByAuthorizationCode(
                 new Uri(redirectUri), cc).RefreshToken;

           return AC.AcquireTokenByRefreshToken(refreshtoke, cc, "").AccessToken; 


ahnaja Visitor

Re: PBIWebAPP C# Refresh Token

What Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory version are you using?

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