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apoorvajyoti Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

PBI Embedded: Show raw data



I am trying to do the following:


1. I have a giant dataset (>50K row) with 200+ columns but I want to only show about 50 of them to the users on our embedded platform.

2. I want to be able to export such data. 


I have found an issue that I cannot see any way of actually copying out columns while they are still linked. Is there a way possible to do this?  


For export, there seems to be a limit mentioned here: for 30,000 rows. Can this be increased? 


Please help. 

Super User
Super User

Re: PBI Embedded: Show raw data

if you export to xlsx rather than csv you can get 150k rows

BTW instead of export, have you considered using Analyze in Excel?