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Patryn999 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

PBI Embedded - Fix API Version to stop breaking changes

Hi everyone,


Basically I believe the API behaviour has changed, which in turn has broken our client-facing dashboards. Is there any way to force the embedding process to use a fixed API version? Much like the styles are pulled through a version:


The situation is that we have had untouched repot (2 weeks) and untouched code (4 weeks) that was running fine, and now the exportdata command used during initial filter conditions on a slicer throws "Export data is not supported for this visual". And this is happening across many reports in different areas of the site.


Now I think I know 'Why' - basically we have some filters that need to be controlled only be the web-side to make the interface user-friendly. These are 'hidden' by pushing them behind a white square so they are no longer visible but still operational (changing visibility to not-visible breaks slicer so you can no longer interact with it).


However I don't know 'Why now?' this behaviour was fine and now isn't, and from my end we've got untouched codebases that fail in an identical manner which is a pretty strong indicator it wasn't  us.



Patryn999 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: PBI Embedded - Fix API Version to stop breaking changes

Confirmed to have same behaviour with example app "App owns data".


If you paste the code below into EmbedReport.cshtml and alter the ID of the slicer to one on your first page you can reproduce the error. Slicer should be available on render but this throws an exception into the console, instead of the slicer selections.


report.on("rendered", function () {
        report.getPages().then(function (pages) {
            var page = pages.filter(function (page) { return page.isActive; })[0];
            page.getVisuals().then(function (visuals) {
                var slicer = visuals.filter(function (visual) {
                    return visual.type == "slicer" && == "d0a7da43b96655bf369e";

                if (slicer) {
                    slicer.exportData().then(function (data) { console.log(data); });


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