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PBI Embedd create dataset and report

Hi All,


I'm busy creating a solution that requires me to upload a .xls file to create a dataset and then create a report using the uploaded dataset. Does anyone know if I can do this using the JS embed option or I need something else?


Thanks in advance

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

To upload a .xls file and create a dataset and report using Power BI Embedded, you would typically use the Power BI REST API. Here is the basic process:

  1. Upload the .xls file to a cloud storage service such as OneDrive, SharePoint, or Azure Blob Storage.

  2. Use the Power BI REST API to create a dataset from the uploaded file. You'll need to specify the data source type (e.g. "excel"), the file location, and the credentials for accessing the file.

  3. Once the dataset is created, use the Power BI REST API to create a report based on the dataset. You'll need to specify the dataset ID and any desired report properties such as the theme, visualizations, and layout.

  4. To embed the report in a web application, you'll use the Power BI JavaScript API. This API provides a way to programmatically interact with the report, including retrieving and displaying the report content in an iframe.

You can find more information about the Power BI REST API and the Power BI JavaScript API in the Power BI Developer Documentation:

I hope this helps!

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