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Advocate I
Advocate I

Opentext Content Server

Hello Guys,


Does anyone know if its possible to connect PowerBI to Opentext Content Server for data retrieval?

If so, can you explain how?


Thank you.

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Hi @JRe5777 ,

I've been able to access OpenText Content Server's backend/underlying MS SQL Server Database using SQL Credentials and was able to read all the tables, if this solves your problem.


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@Anonymous Can you please share the solution you found with screenshots please? What is it that you were trying to get out of Content Server to report on?

Thanks heaps.

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I have used documents in OpenText from Power BI via the OpenText REST API... but the problem I have is I need to hard code the API credentials in the Power Query code and I haven't found a way to integrate with Power BI's credential manager. The Power Query I used to open an Excel file from OpenText was (substitute in the username, password and appropriate OpenText API URLs and document ID for your org):


    GetJson = Web.Contents("https://<opentext auth server>/authentication/credentials",
            Headers = [#"Content-Type"="application/json"],
            Content = Text.ToBinary("{""user_name"":""<user>"", ""password"":""<password>""}")
    FormatAsJson = Json.Document(GetJson),
    Ticket = FormatAsJson[ticket],
    DocID = "1234567",
    ExcelFile = Web.Contents("https://<opentext api server>/api/v1/nodes/" & DocID & "/content",
            Headers = [#"OTDSTicket"=Ticket]
    ExcelWorkbook = Excel.Workbook(ExcelFile)



If someone has a better way that doesn't have hard coded credentials I'd really appreciate that.

This might be a long shot, but we have implemented something similar to the above and it is working perfectly fine in Power BI Desktop, but once published to Power BI Service, it fails to refresh.


It appears to attempt a refresh but times out after 20 minutes or so. Editing the credentials in the dataset settings will only save if you select skip validation.

Re: your question on hard coded credentials - you can store the credentials within parameters and then reference your parameter in place of the hard coded credentials:

Content = Text.ToBinary("{""user_name"":"""&SPUserName&""", ""password"":"""&SPPassword&"""}")]),


So SPUserName is the name of the parameter that stores my username and the Current Value of the parameter is my hard coded username.

@Anonymous @K_Mennekes @JRe5777 @caznaran @Anonymous 

Can anyone please share some screenshots on how to do this using Power BI REST APIs in here?

Also, did anyone come up with a better solution on how to report on OpenText Content Server using Power BI?
Kindly, share your knowledge.

Thanks & regards.

Hi @Anonymous,

Thanks for your suggestion. Can you please give me the steps here so that I can try to connect Power BI Desktop to my Content Server 10 Service Pack 2 (Content Server 10 Update 2014-12 (version

Anyone out there has a better solution to connect Power BI Desktop to Content Server?

My requirement is... to report an audit log/trail of all the User's Firstname, Lastname, Name, Last Login and any other such details so that I can Deactivate User if they haven't been accessing Content Server system since 01 Feb 2021.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Kind regards, C

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Hi guys,


we need a solution for this as well. Enterprise Connect is not possible as a replacement. It is only for local usage and not in combination with the PowerBI Report Server.
Any updates on this topic?
Helper I
Helper I

I need that as well

@caznaran - Can you please share if you found a solution to this, please? Thanks,

Not applicable

We need this as well. We were using WebDAV links which no longer work.

However, I am able to browse to Excel files using Windows Explorer > Enterprise Connect > Content Server.

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