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New bugs in Developer Tools

Hi everybody,


I found two bugs in the Power BI Developer Tools (tested with Chrome and Edge):

  1. when you export a new visual the first time, no images are included. You have to export it again and re-attach icon, screenshot and thumbnail to build a complete package;
  2. when you fill Privacy or License url field and export you visual, the online tool produce an invalid package that you can't import in Power BI Desktop (because an invalid string in package.json file, embedded in the visual itself). Avoid to fill that fields and remember that if you made that mistake, it's not sufficient to empty the fields, you have to delete entirely the custom visual and then re-create it. Alternatively you can open the PBIVIZ file with WinZip (or a similar tool) and manually edit package.json removing the offending strings.



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Re: New bugs in Developer Tools

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Hey thanks for reporting this issue. We're aware of this and are looking into a fix. A current workaround is to not include a privacy link and licence link. Stay tuned for an update!