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mash Frequent Visitor
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New Visual not showing up in Dropdown list in Power BI Playground



I downloaded the github repo and was able to run the Playground app successfully.  Next, I installed the extension to create a template for a new visualization.  In the newVisual.ts file, it says to uncomment code so that you can see the newVisual in your dropdown list in the Playground.  I have done so, then rebuilt the solution, and still do not see it in my list.  Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?  Seems pretty straightforward but maybe I am missing something.  It would really be helpful if the PowerBI team could offer some documentation that addresses how all these different files work together.  After spending 3 days on this, I am still not clear how the PowerBIVisualsPlayground is calling all the other projects.


/* Creating IVisualPlugin that is used to represent IVisual. */
// Uncomment it to see your plugin in "PowerBIVisualsPlayground" plugins list
module powerbi.visuals.plugins {
export var newVisual: IVisualPlugin = {
name: 'newVisual',
capabilities: samples.newVisual.capabilities,
create: () => new samples.newVisual()


mash Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: New Visual not showing up in Dropdown list in Power BI Playground

So I was able to get it to work.  The instructions on github (found here: are kind of lacking.  



Here is what I ultimately needed to do to get it to work:


Follow the "Steps" provided by user getsetbro....


For some reason, it doesnt properly build in VS2015 but it does build properly when using gulp.