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Need to show individual columns as a single column

I have a requirement for giving the report on the system's and one of the requirement is to show the tag, below is the image of what we need




As we can see M1,M2, M3 is the usage month. And the numbers on the right is the age group by month wise(difference between placement date and today's date)  for which i have already created the measures.

Eg.In M1 100 means 100 counts of tags have been used in age group 1, 150 used in age group 2 and 180 used in age group 3 and so on.

The usage M1, M2,M3....M6 are all data's already present as individual columns in table, so when I create the visual adding individual columns in the axis it obviously gives in the form of hierarchy and I can see only one at a time.

So I tried to create another column trying to have M1, M2, M3,M4,M5,M6 in one single column as 


Capture (1).PNG


Column = IF('Active Front Loaders'[M1],"M1", IF('Active Front Loaders'[M2],"M2", IF('Active Front Loaders'[M3],"M3",IF('Active Front Loaders'[M4],"M4"))))

But that gives me only M1 and not the other usage month.



And if this I try to see in the bar chart it looks like this


Capture (3).PNG


This is the closest to what we require however the column creayed doesn't seem to work, can anyone suggest me cow the column can be created for this.Probably then this may work. Any other suggestion is also appreciated.

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Super User

Easiest would be to unpivot your data in Power Query  into a form like


Month  Group   Value


Show a sample of your source data and we can help you with the transform.

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