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Need Help with Power BI

Hi Team,


Trust everyone is doing well. I need some real help with Power BI.


So, I have around 12 metrics(12 line graphs to show the trend for each metric) and on the left hand side, I have Filters(L6 Manager, L5 Manager and so on till L1).So, now if I select any of the Manager, it will show the trend for that manager and if I select 2-3 managers it will show trend combinely for that 2-3 Managers.


But now the request is...They want to see all the managers graphs at once for the same metric. They want to compare the same trend with 2-3 Managers or evryone from his team. For example, one of the metric is "User Count". So when we select 3 Managers or his complete team, I want a 3 different line graphs or his total team strength showing the same metric for each manager respectively so that I can compare the graph among 3 managers or how many members he has under him and see which manager is doing well. Like a drilldown option.


May be I am thinking to have 12 separate tabs for each metric and have same metrics graphs (12 graphs..4*3) on each tab (All 12 graphs in 1 tab will be "User count" )and we can sync filters to each graph separately so that they can have 12 managers max selected and comparee 12 managers at a time. But if they want to see everyone under their team to see who is performing better then this is not an option.....Any Suggestions/ideas? Please help    @lbendlin @MattCalderwood @dm-p @bensm @Anchal-D @Jayendran @nandukrishnavs 

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Re: Need Help with Power BI

Hi @Trulysham,

From your description, it sounds like you're after small multiples? These are not currently supported by Power BI natively but it was announced at the MBAS recently that they should be coming to the product in the near future.

In the meantime, there are some custom visuals that will produce small multiples. If you specifically want a line chart, the following can help:

Good luck!


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