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Multiple dynamic variables in report

I'm in need to created totally dynamic reports in PBI. I have researched and found several ways that allowed for some flexibility -- usually using DAX and an additional table construct. 


Maybe my request ist not for PoweBi, in which case I rather learn it know. I really like the power that PBI brings but are concerned that my use case might not be covered.


I have a web front-end that allows for the creation of mathematical models. Every model creates a result output that can vary in regard to names of the variables and the number e.g.

- salesTotal, RepsTotal, Baseline in output1,

- marketCap, numberReps, TotalDollar, CountryDollar in output2 .... 

There is a number of reports that essentially need to now take these output vars and visualize them. Except, how does one plug a variable into a report without knowing the name?


Any help or hint is highly appreciated.



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