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Maximum Concurrent Viewers for Embedded Reports

We're contemplating embedding reports in to our web application.  We're not sure how many O365 PBI users we would need to support the volume.  I'll try to map it out as best as I can.


An O365 user can view "10" reports.  Each report would be embedded in to our application and would be accessed by a client using our application and N number of people could log in to our application and view the report for their client.  I'm trying to figure out what N is .  Is N a function of the number of users where too many people viewing the reports will cause others to be denied access to view them?  Is N a function of users and the complexity of our reports where the reports and data will process more slowly as N increases, but nobody will be denied the ablity to view the reports? 


Said another way...


If I log in to the application and view the embedded report and then my coworker across the hall logs in to the application and views the embedded report, we're bothing viewing the same report using the same credentials embedded in our application.  How many people can log in to our application before we start seeing errors?