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javatoast Frequent Visitor
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JS code working within browser, but not as Power BI Visual

I am trying to implement the ARCGIS REST API into a custom Power BI Visual. I have run the code in JSFiddle and it works. The script is included as an external JS (it loads, have debugged it that far). It looks as if it gets stuck on the require() part. Any ideas? Here is the JSFiddle.


function init(divName) {
        function (data, textStatus, jqxhr) {
            if (textStatus == "success") {
                ], function (Map, MapView) {
                    var map = new Map({
                        basemap: "streets"
                    var view = new MapView({
                         container: divName,  // Reference to the DOM node that will contain the view
                         map: map               // References the map object created in step 3