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pradeep467 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Issue with Bucketsize and grouped line chart


I am trying to chart a column into buckets. 

StoreID Tysales PySales % change

I am trying to put the % change into 3 buckets and then look at store count falling under these 3 buckets..

Like %change <0 as '<0 bucket'

                      1-3 as '1-3 bucket'

                      >3 as '>3bucket'

I am able to bucket the columns by creating a new measure

if([Lift %]*100<0,"< 0",(if([Lift %]*100>0 && [Lift %]*100<3,"0-3",">3")))
Now I am trying to chart a graph like '<0 bucket'   23
                                                            '1-3 bucket'   56
                                                            '>3 bucket'   45
As store repeats in the fact, I am trying to bring the Id from dimension and do a distinct shows a 1 when I bring the store number, but when I remove the store number,the ggregation is screwing up..any suggestions.