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a65 New Member
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In a Table, formatting individual cells within a column

So I have an excel file containing columns and rows.  I have 150 rows and 9 columns.  In each of the columns, I have identified a color to represent 3 separate values in that column.  Green for "on time", Yellow for "not on time but complete" and Red for "not on time and incomplete".  In each of the nine columns it may have various number of green, yellow and red fields.


In Power BI, when I take my Excel file and attempt to create my dashboard.....I lose the color in the individual fields within the column.  I entered the word for the color in each cell, but I really want the color to be in the background of the individual field or cell.  Is it possible or How can I create a table that has multiple colors within the column without it being a calculated column. ..... exchange the word "yellow', "green" and "red" for a background color of yellow, green and red?