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How to embed report from Power BI Report Server


I'm trying to embed Power BI reports in our ios application. Javascript & .net api works good with the online environment, I was able to create some custome objects like reports navigation and filter pannel (somethink like power bi ios app do). But when I am tring to embed the PBIRS report with javascript api, nothing happens. It is not working. I have tried with rs:embed=true parameter and with direct api link http://localhost:13526/powerbi/?id=0db851ec-b67b-4fe7-ad99-12424e4a2949.



 var config = {
                type: 'report',
                accessToken: '-',
                id: '0db851ec-b67b-4fe7-ad99-12424e4a2949',
                settings: {
                    filterPaneEnabled: false,
                    navContentPaneEnabled: false,
                    layoutType: models.LayoutType.MobilePortrait
                pageName: 'ReportSection4b3fbaa7dd7908d906d9'

            var reportContainer = document.getElementById('reportContainer');

            var report = powerbi.embed(reportContainer, config);



Navigating the PBIRS reports with Power BI application seems that there is a way to communicate with report via javascript api (some objects are hidden, page navigation is not standard ecc), but I can't figure out how it works.


Analyzing the traffic, it seems that the application tries to access to this report server page:




(I think there is used ios web kit framework)


Does anyone know how and if it is possible to embed PBIRS reports in external web application?

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