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How to create a bar plot with overlapping x-axis (overlapping time intervals)



I want to create a PowerBI visual that looks like (the artificially in Excel created) example below:


2020-09-10 15_44_00-Beispiel Diagramm - Excel.png


I have two x-axis: 1 category "success" and "no success" and 1 with different time intervals (last month, last three month, last 6 month, ...) where the data is cumulated.

Since the time intervals are overlapping (the last month is also included in the intervals before (except the first one), the last 3 month are also included in the last 6 and 12 month, and so on...), I do not know how to create such a visualization in Power BI.


The bars give the value whereas the line should be a trend over the results of the different time intervals.


The raw data exists in monthly data points and the value is a (PowerBi) measure to calculate the relation (% of "success" have lawyer).


Thank you in advance.


Best regards

Super User II
Super User II

show some sample data in usable format.


If all else fails, create your own custom chart at





thanks for the reply. The data looks something like the following table (I don't know how to add a table here - without filling every cell by hand):

2020-09-14 08_40_11-Example_data - Excel.png


The percentage of lawyers is calculated by amount_lawyer / amount_all. "success" the binary category and year and month the time reference (which needs to be grouped in overlapping categories).



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