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How to achieve Row-Level Security using PowerBi JS API

I have Power BI Embedded App-Owns data scenario where I have a report configured for Row Level Security, and the report shows different data based on the some of filter parameters I passed from client side. 


When client requests report (request generated from client facing website), server side code generates Embed token (this would be server-to-server call => from my server to PowerBi Service, no data from client space passed to PowerBi Service). I am using PowerBi API to generate Embed token for certain ReportID and DataSet and authentication is taken care correctly.  Now this Embed token is passed to client space and there I am using EmbedConfig to embed report. Something like below: 

const filter = {
        $schema: "",
        target: {
            table: "table name",
            column: "Organization"
        operator: "In",
        values: ["SomefilterValue"]

 var config = {
        type: 'report',
        tokenType: models.TokenType.Embed,
        accessToken: accessToken,
        embedUrl: embedUrl,
        id: embedReportId,
        permissions: models.Permissions.Read,
        settings: {
            filterPaneEnabled: true,
            navContentPaneEnabled: false


However, my major concern is in client-side JavaScript scenario.  If I am a bad actor, I can just use Chrome developer tools (or Fiddler, or whatever) to get Embed Token. Once I have that embed token, I can use PowerBi Embed Playground and pass various filter parameters. I am really stuck at this point, I think, I am missing something.  

I implmented everything according to :


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