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How do I solve user API credentials in a report?

I´m doing a Power Bi report that use data from a API. I have done a table with the credentials to the API, username, password and subscriptionkey. The first question to all tables with data is to get the token from the API so I can ask the question correct. Looks like this in my table and the advanced editor:


Url = Text.Format("{0}&password=#{1}",{#"UserIdFile", Uri.EscapeDataString(#"PasswordFile")}),
TokenSource = Json.Document(Web.Contents(Url, [Headers=[#"Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key"=SubscriptionKey]])),
userCode = TokenSource[userCode],
Ask = Text.Format("{0}/history/utilization?start=#{1}&end=#{2}&expand=1", {#"MachineId", #"startDate", #"endDate"}),
Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(Ask, [Headers=[#"X-Auth-Token"=userCode, #"Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key"=SubscriptionKey]])),


My table with the credentials looks like this:


One row with my username, password and sub key.

When I refresh the reports everything works fine and I get new data.


But now the tricky part starts 🙂

My user of this reports when I publish them need to be able to update the credentials with their own ones. 


How do I solve that?


I have looked into using PowerApps with edit forms and other ways. I´m not a super user of PowerBi and PowerApps so maybe I have done something wrong....

JirkaZ Resolver III
Resolver III

Re: How do I solve user API credentials in a report?

@ekstrem This can only be done using Power Query extension (and thus creating a custom connector for the API).


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