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How add svg in my custom visual???




I want to add a svg in my custom visual. In all example i saw:

 public init(options: VisualInitOptions): void {

         var svg = this.svg ='svg').classed('thermometer', true);




but... I don't have init method in my class. I have

constructor(options: VisualConstructorOptions) {... }

Yhank you for any help.

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Advocate III

I found this tutorial useful for adding an SVG to a custom visual:

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Resolver II

Indeed the thermometer.ts you're refering to seems pretty much siimilar to an old deprecated version found on

and was basically used in an early DevTool Deprecated demo video.


I did manage to easily refactor the thermometer.ts code to Power BI Visuals CLI v1.1.0 a while ago.


Basically code was completely refactored, first by using constructor method instead of init.

Also for SoC convinience... everything that deals with dataRole, dataViewMappings, object...
definition was no longer defined in main thermometer.ts file using
    public static capabilities: VisualCapabilities
but in separate capabilities.json

D3.Selection definitions also had to be refactored with d3.selection<SVGElement> and so on... 


I'll see if I could put the demo back on Github...


The programming model for Power BI custom visuals changes over the summer in 2016. In the older model, there is an init method for each custom visuals. When the model changed, developers now write init code for one-time load operations in class constructor and there is no longer an init method for custom visuals in the new model.


The example you are looking at is based on the old model and you should be able to move that code from the old init method into the constructor.

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