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Hiding filter pane when using filters

Hello, I'm a developer (and in no way a Power BI expert) working on a Vue JS / TypeScript app using the powerbi-client v2.7.3 library for embedding Power BI reports. Below is the config being used to embed reports:


const embedConfiguration = {
type: 'report',
embedUrl: this.embeddedReportUrl, // This will optionally include a filter parameter if the user has navigated to a filtered report
tokenType: PBI.models.TokenType.Aad,
accessToken: this.powerBiAccessToken,
permissions: PBI.models.Permissions.All,
settings: {
filterPaneEnabled: false, // This works, but only if the filter string is not specified in the embedUrl


I'm displaying reports in an unfiltered state, which works fine, and the filter pane is hidden as per the above config. However when I pass a filter string into that embed URL the filter pane is there and the user is free to interact with it.


What I'd like is for the filter pane to be hidden permanently, regardless of the filters applied. I've not found anything online that suggests this is possible, except the filters preview but given that's subject to change we're not willing to use it on our production platform.


I have a horrible feeling this just isn't possible until the new filters pane escapes the preview stage, but if anyone can tell me otherwise I'd be massively thankful.



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